About 30% of all clothes produced are never sold.

We are on a mission to reintegrate dormant fashion stocks into circular streams.

Our aim is to create a world where future waste is considered a resource.

Clothes Are Made To
Be Worn

From raw material production to manufacturing processes to distribution, incredible amounts of energy and resources go into making our clothes. 

Unfortunately, nearly a third of them are never sold. Out of respect for the work of the people who made them, and knowing that these garments are made using our planet’s finite resources, we have a responsibility to manage them sustainably and prevent their waste. 

Managing excess inventory is unavoidable because business growth is usually associated with increased sales volumes and, therefore, an increase in unsold products.

The solution? By providing brands with the tools to act quickly, reduce depreciation and preserve maximum value, we prevent these products from being neglected and considered a burden to be disposed of at any cost and by any means.

At FINDS, we firmly believe that circularity is based on having solid and efficient processes in place. When these processes are standardized and properly implemented, they allow for a positive return on investment for companies, individuals and the planet.

Remember, every time an unsold garment is given an extended life, it replaces the need for another garment and the resources required to produce it.

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