Managing surplus stock has never been easier

FINDS automatically connects your surplus stock to the right resellers, recyclers, or NGOs that can acquire it. An all-in-one management system for end-of-season stock clearance campaigns.

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See the right information at the right time. All the relevant data in one place. 

Compare your options

Compare your options based on variables like monetization, time, & ESG criteria.

Keep control

Your data, your choice. Product access is limited only to selected partners to keep you in full control.

FINDS, your
all-in-one tool

Forget excel. One space for collaborating with all your partners.

Facilitate collaboration and communication with resellers, NGOs and recyclers through a user-friendly, data-driven platform.

Optimize your decision making.

Enhance your workflows and obtain insightful business intelligence to effectively handle your stock clearance campaigns and attain your objectives.

Track & improve your performance.

Monitor financial and ESG performance of your surplus stock management and effortlessly onboard new partners to improve your value chain.

Upcycling: Explore new options with the FINDS engine

Capable of reading and interpreting any type of data, the FINDS engine allows you to develop upcycling on an industrial scale for the first time.

Let's make a real difference, together.

Interested in FINDS? Sign up to our 6-month trial offer before the 31st of May. 3 months free access, and fully personalized support to help you make the most out of your surplus stock. 

Let's make a real difference, together.

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